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Independent living is defined as the right of people with disabilities to control and direct their own lives. This means choosing lifestyle options with minimal dependence on others. It means participating in everyday activities with only the limits people without disabilities have.

SIILC was established to empower people with all types of disabilities to live more independently and to have more control over their own lives. SIILC exists to promote the independent living philosophy and to provide individuals with the resources necessary to maximize their ability to live independently.

SIILC is a consumer-based, cross-disability, non-residential, nonprofit organization that promotes and practices the philosophy of independent living and educates individuals with significant disabilities how they can better help themselves.

Amy Browning-Varble

Chrissy Elzy
Program Director

Laren Smith
Home Care Program Supervisor

114 West Main Street
Vevay, Indiana 47043

Center Phone: 812.427.3333

Home Care Phone: 812.427.3335

Fax: 812.427.3338

Debra Cole
Area 12 Ombudsman

Ombudsman Phone: 812.592.4222

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